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Batam, Indonesia

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You can get around Batam City with cars, motorcycles, buses, minibuses and taxis.

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Batam is an island located in Riau Archipelago. Formerly the island is like common islands with coastal area and villages. However, since the declaration of Batam into a free trade zone around the year 1989, the city has been transformed into a modern city with adequate infrastructures such as modern airports, business centers, entertainment, etc. Batam is the name of the island as well as the name of the city on this island. Through sustainable development, the City is expected to be one of the largest ports in the Southeast Asia region. Located in a strategic place, between Singapore and the Strait of Malacca makes Batam City grow tremendously in the field of trade, commerce, and industry.

Batam is one of the most visited cities in Indonesia. No wonder because there are many resorts that offer luxury here. But many people come to Batam City just for transit before they go to Singapore. According to historical records, Batam has been inhabited by humans since 231 A.D. At that time Singapore still had the name Ujung Island. Later Badam City was under the rule the kingdom of Malacca before finally taken over by the Sultan of Johor until the 18th century. The coastal areas that face Singapore became pirates hideout.

People in Batam city live from fishing and transportation. The society is Malaysian native, but along with the development of this city, more ethnicities come and stay in this place. The people mostly live in the coastal areas, while the sea people remain in their boats. Some people are able to communicate in English to help them trading. Just like other areas in Indonesia, Batam City consists of many elements of the culture. This you can see from the various ceremonies, music, and other things that they often do. Some traditional dances you can see here are Zapin Dance, Jogi Dance, and Persembahan Dance.

Because Batam City has grown into a big city, is not difficult to find lodging and food here. All facilities are available, from inns to 5 star hotels can are all available here. About the food, Batam is known for its seafood. Here you can find a variety of dishes made from lobster, clams, fish, etc. To be able to enjoy all the beauty, the best time to visit Batam City is from May to September.